Cybersecurity is the entirety of technology and techniques designed to protect data, networks, computers, and programs from cyberattacks and ensuing damage and unauthorized access. The primary goal of a criminal implementing a cyberattack is to access data within a system. Therefore, cybersecurity techniques are necessary to protect networks, servers, and computers that are the mechanisms used to get to the data. Cybersecurity is constantly evolving as cybercriminals become increasingly more inventive. In this article, the history, importance, and fundamental objectives of cybersecurity will be discussed.

History of Cybersecurity

Just as species evolve parallel to each other to seek that competitive edge for survival…

What is Quantum Computing?

A subfield of quantum information science, quantum computing is the performance of computation via the exploitation of the properties of quantum states. While uncertainty is unacceptable in classical computing, uncertainty is an asset in quantum computing. Through dealing with complex algorithms and probability, quantum computers are able to generate multiple answers leading to the generation of complex decisions.

MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). RDBMS software works with a computer’s operating system to create a relational database in the computer’s storage system, manage users, allow for network access, facilitate testing the database integrity, and create backups. In this article, the history of MySQL, SQL, MySQL functionality, MySQL architecture, and MySQL pros and cons will be discussed.

What is MySQL?: A History and Description

MySQL was originally developed in 1994 the Swedish company MySQL AB. My is the name of cofounder Monty Widenius’ daughter. MySQL AB was acquired in 2008 by Sun Microsystems, which was then bought by Oracle in 2010.


Speech recognition software is a computer application that is programmed to take in audio speech data, interpret and analyze it, and thence transcribe it into text. Speech recognition technology is becoming more and more vital to the way we interact with technology today. By 2024, the global voice-based smart speaker market is predicted to be worth $30 billion, while by 2022, voice-based shopping is predicted to amass $40 billion in revenue. Suffice it to say, this is becoming an ever-increasing part of the global economy as well as a larger part of how we perform internet searches, text through voice-to-text…

What is a Promise?

In JavaScript, as in life, a promise is something that you hope to receive in the future, but not now. In JavaScript, this “something” is a native object type with attached value(s). Promises deal with things happening in asynchronous time.

Real World Example

To understand promises, let’s first use a real world example. Let’s say your partner goes to the store, and, since you’ve been working hard all day, he or she promises to get you a nice bottle of wine. While your partner is at the store, the promise is unresolved/pending: you don’t know until he returns as to the state of…

What is time complexity?

When creating a computer program, it is important to consider the amount of time taken up by the algorithms you write in order to save computing time and power and make efficient programs. The time required to perform an algorithm is its time complexity. Time complexity is described by the use of Big O notation, where input size is defined by n, while O represents the worst case scenario growth rate. Though there are many types of time complexities, in this post, I will go through the most commonly seen types:

  • Constant —O(1)
  • Linear — O(n)
  • Logarithmic — O(log n)

Going through an immersive programming course is a taxing experience. You’re working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Emotions run high and low, and sleep and free time are considered a luxury. Incoming cash flow may be low for those who put careers on pause indefinitely in order to become a student. Students that are in Operation Spark signed up for and expected this lifestyle, mentally prepared to make sacrifices. …

An object is a complex data type in JavaScript. In terms of syntax, an object is encapsulated in curly braces and set equal to a variable. Inside the curly braces, exists an unordered list of properties, each comprised of key-value pairs separated by commas. While keys are always strings, the corresponding value may be of any data type.

To create (or create an instance of) an object, we’re going to start at ground-level with the simplest method of object creation: the hard coding of an object literal. From here, we will move through a discussion of the more complex instantiation…

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